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Yukon Puppy 1Yukon Pups 2 Five 1-1/2 week old puppies rescued from Old Crow, Yukon now safely in Vancouver, British Columbia.

How wonderful it truly is to be able to share a remarkable success story for a change.  One that overcame great difficulty, one that united total strangers from other areas in Canada to allow them to work together to save five one and a half week old puppies from certain death.
A very courageous, committed, determined and compassionate young woman allowed the voices of these tiny angels to be heard.
Here is Meghan’s story and the story of the lives she saved.

September 8, 2009 an email was sent out by this young Waterloo student, doing field research in Old Crow, Yukon.  Her concern was about five puppies, only 1-1/2  weeks old.  These pups were born to a female of a racing team, and due to the fathers breed, they were ‘deemed useless for racing’ hence their young lives would be ended.

This young student acted quickly convincing the owner not to kill them, the individual agreed to this, if she could figure out a way to get them home with her.  Hence she sent her email looking for assistance.

Air transportation in the North is extremely expensive, plus there are airline rules and regulations that posed roadblocks.  Animals are normally flown in cargo holds, these puppies were far too young and fragile for that. They could very well freeze to death. Further they required constant monitoring and it was feared and rightly so, that they would not surive without their mother.

Thankfully, through an exchange of emails between total strangers, contacts were made and a joint rescue effort was underway . A wonderful woman with the Whitehorse Humane Society met her at the airport, taking care of the puppies while she got ready for her flight.

Air Canada who inititally stated they would only allow three of the five puppies in the cabin as per their rules, finally agreed, due to this young womans persist pleas to allow all five of the puppies in the cabin with her.  Graciously, Air Canada also did NOT CHARGE  for these puppies.

We are all happy to report that “5 very chubby, very healthy and very noisy puppies” arrived in Vancouver late last night.

To quote one member of this amazing team that these young puppies brought together: “we accomplished a near impossible task of getting five 1-1/2 week old puppies from Old Crow, Yukon to Vancouver via two flights that weren’t initially cooperating.”

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Meghan, a courageous young Waterloo student, who stepped up to the plate and despite so many obstacles saved these tiny lives from certain death.

To all of those wonderful individuals, total strangers, who became involved in this rescue, you are all amazing.  My personal gratitude goes out to each of you.

A very special THANK YOU goes to the five tiny furry little angels that united total strangers, bringing kindred spirits together.  We will always remember.

As well, let us not forget Air Canada for being the means to a successful end to this story.

Thank you:  Meghan, Jan, Traci, BetterLifeDog Rescue, Cause4Paws, Whitehorse Humane Society, Air Canada.

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