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New videos

Ingenious Zephr being Zephr


Never leave your milk unattended

Flight from Hay River to Yellowknife aboard Buffalo Airways of “Ice Pilots” fame.  You will be able to see just how vast and remote this one area is.  We are smack in the middle of the Boreal forest.  “Buffalo Joe” is quite the character and he also transports Hay River shelter animals to Yellowknife gratis…many needing medical attention and many on their way to new loving forever homes outside the Territory.  THANK YOU Joe.

Videos and pictures were taken while flying from Hay River to Yellowknife on September 20, 2011.


Large ponds found on land outcrops scattered throughout the lake.  Videos will show the size of this lake as well as the cast wilderness.  When winter comes and the lake freezes over this becomes the ICE Road……History Channel Series “Ice Road Truckers”.   Miles and miles of solid ice in the middle of nowhere…




Sunrise in Hay River, waiting to board plane

Ponds scattered everywhere

Shoreline along Great Slave Lake

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