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As of today, the three surviving sled dogs, seen in prior post, continue to  remain chained outside without shelter, food or water.  These animals are suffering and are very sick due to severe starvation, hypothermia and dehydration.   Originally discovered in December 2008, a month has now passed with no relief or justice for these animals.  Temperatures in that area, drop to -60 celcius, windchill lowers the temperatures even further. Tuktoyuktuk is located in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, north of the Arctic Circle on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.

Efforts are continuing to help these dogs, in that the Executive Director for the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA has filed all necessary Cruelty Reports, with the Crown and has spoken again with Const. Ian Diplock, in an attempt to convince him to re-open this case and to formally lay charges against “Lucky’ Pokiak.  So far “Lucky” is far luckier than the 3 surviving dogs that were left under his care  apparently since  June 2008 as the owner/relative is currently incarcerated on other unrelated charges .   Please note that “Lucky”  Pokiak has stated he has no means of transportation in order to get food to these dogs.  Still he will not surrender these animals to SPCA officials.

Under the current NWT Legislation: Prohibitions: Section 3 : “No owner shall allow a dog to remain unfed or unwatered sufficiently long (a) to amount to cruelty or (b) to cause the dog to become a nuisance.”

To reference each of the  provisions above: (a) Allowing these  dogs to continue suffering from starvation, dehydration and hypothermia is cruelty at its worst.  Failing to surrender these dogs to those who can help them is unacceptable.  (b) Pokiak’s  other loose dogs, entered a yard of one resident and the woman watched horrified as one of these dogs ATE her puppy.   Well fed animals do not eat puppies. Is this not proof of neglect let alone becoming a nuisance?

Offence and Punishment : Section 13(1) ” Every person who contravenes this Act is guilty of an offense….”

Seizure : 7(1)  “An officer may seize a dog from a person whom the officer (a) finds contravening this Act; or (b) has good cause to suspect of having contravened or being about to contravene this Act.”

Given the evidence which is  clearly visible the Act has been contravened.

Section 11:  Law Enforcement Policies: 2 (2) R.C.M.P  :  “Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are ex officio officers under this Act”.

Under Section 445 of the Criminal Code of Canada, Animal Cruelty Legislation, the specifics for indictable offenses are quite clear.  Further the RCMP are accountable under Federal Jurisdiction to unhold and enforce all laws as contained in the Criminal Code of Canada, which includes the Animal Cruelty Legislation.

“Lucky” Pokiak has broken both the Territorial and the Federal Laws.  Why are policing officials scratching their heads and not taking positive action in this matter? Given light of a new development I am unable to share at this moment, and in consideration of this new development, failure to re-open the case and formally lay charges will be in my opinion as well as the opinion of others, a gross miscarriage of justice,  the condonement of  Officials  thereby enabling this form of brutality to continue.

The following addresses are those for the GNWT Legislative Officials to whom you may write to should you choose to voice your concern.

Hon. Robert McLeod, Min. of Municipal and Community Affairs, NWT

Hon. Jackson Lafferty, Minister of Justice, NWT

Legislative Assembly Building, 4570  48th Street, Yellowknife, NY X1A 2L9

These are further addresses to officials in Tutayuktuk to whom you may direct your concerns:  Const. Ian Diplock is the Investigating RCMP Officer who has yet to change his mind and press charges.

Matt Hare and Ian Diplock, Constables, Tuktoyuktuk RCMP, P.O. Box 58, Tuktoyuktuk,NT X0E 1C0

Fax: 867-977-2293   Telephone: 867-977-1111

Debbie Raddi, Sen. Admin. Officer, Hamlet of Tuktoyuktuk: debbieraddi@airware.ca

Fax: 867-977-2110    Telephone: 867-977-2286

The Hon. Mervin Gruben, Mayor of Hamlet of Tuktoyuktuk, P.O. Box 120, Tuktoyuktuk, NT X0E 1C0

Fax: 867-977-2110  Telephone: 867-977-2286

Honorable Marys Nassar,Canada Crown Attorney, 107 Mckenzie Rd, Ste. 201, Inuvik NT X0E 0T0

Fax: 867-777-3260    Telephone: 867-777-3075

A complaint may also be registered with The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, Surrey, B.C.

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